A Trip to Great Bear Rainforest

The Great Bear Rainforest is among the most stunning things to do within the park, and for good reason. The rainforests provide home to a number of species of beautiful wildlife, from giant pandas to bison to massive mammoths. Regardless of whether you’re interested in seeing polar bears, or the western black bear, you will likely be awestruck by what the Canadian Rockies have to offer.

The third largest city in British Columbia, Burnaby is right on the bank of the Fraser River. It is a bustling community that boast a vibrant economy, thanks to the logging industry, and is a popular site for all sorts of boat shows, hiking expeditions, and photography activities. As well as its thriving economy, Burnaby offers an abundance of outdoor activities, with golf courses, fishing, mountain biking, and kayaking just some of the choices available to visitors.

One of the best ways to experience Canada is to take a trip to the Great Bear Rainforest; it is without doubt one of the country’s most interesting and beautiful places to visit. There are more than 30 different tribes living in this area, each with its own unique culture and way of life. One of the best things about a trip to Canada is the variety of things to do; this is because there is something available to everyone, no matter what your interests are.


For example, if you prefer hiking and other outdoor activities, you can plan a three day trek through the forest, which will involve camping and sleeping in tents. If you would rather see more of Canada’s natural beauty, you may wish to stay overnight and enjoy the many sights. A day trip out of town will also allow you to visit the numerous art galleries, wineries, museums, and tourist attractions. A day of shopping may even allow you to shop for souvenirs to take home and put on display. You will find many restaurants in Rainforest country, as well, offering cuisine from around the world.

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Depending on where you decide to go on your trip, you can either make your reservations ahead of time or get up early and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. Many people who have made the choice to go on a trip like this choose to go to Vancouver Island, Victoria, or British Columbia, which are all part of the Okanagan region. If you do not have any reservations, or if you want to be able to travel at your own pace, you will want to consider travelling farther afield, such as hiking through Europe or Alaska. Regardless, of which route you decide to take, the beauty of Canada is sure to overwhelm you; it is a country that offers both the opportunities to see and do almost anything you want.

Your trip to a Great Bear Rainforest can bring you many different things, as well as a wonderful opportunity to expand your horizons beyond the normal limits of your daily life. One thing you will quickly learn is that whatever part of Canada you decide to explore, there is always more to do and see. With thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams scattered throughout the continent, there is never a lack of things for you to see and do. Whether you want to see Canada’s northern wilderness, its lush forests and mountain peaks, or simply marvel at its unique landscape and wildlife, a trip to this exotic location can give you the thrill of a lifetime.

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