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A NY-based micro-fund providing Israeli startups with capital, strategic access and hands-on support to succeed in the US market

Our Story

Our Story

Israel has earned its nickname "Startup Nation". It has the highest density of tech startups in the world and a rich history of technology innovation. But for Israeli startups to reach their full potential, they need to succeed in the U.S. market and be prepared to compete with the best of the best. In a market with stiff competition, Israeli entrepreneurs must move faster and be smarter than ever before. They need more than just capital. They need guidance, strategic access to customers and partners, and a network that helps them accelerate the growth of all facets of their business.

Accelerant breaks down the barriers Israeli startups face upon entering the U.S. market, drawing upon our position within the vibrant NYC tech ecosystem. We invest $500K-$1M in only the most promising seed-funded Israeli technology startups – companies that have proven to have the potential to become market leaders. We invest in B2B companies led by visionary entrepreneurs, and bring those high-potential startups to the booming New York market to continue their journey to Series A funding and beyond.

Accelerant is more than just a fund. We take the journey alongside our entrepreneurs and provide them with unparalleled and highly tailored support. From access to clients, partners and vetted service providers, to strategic access to the NYC venture community our acceleration services will provide the level of market traction necessary to reach Round A and beyond. We match our companies with a network of key advisors with deep expertise, both in the NYC startup scene and the business of our portfolio companies. All with one goal in mind -- to pave the way to global success.

Meet the Team

Eyal Bino

Eyal Bino
General Partner

Born in Tel-Aviv and educated in New York, Eyal's passion is merging these two power-house tech ecosystems and giving rise to exceptional Israeli entrepreneurs. Accelerant is his latest step in this journey.

As the Founder and General Partner of Accelerant, Eyal seeks creative ways to partner with Israeli startups capable of becoming the next market leader. He works closely with entrepreneurs on the challenging move from seed to A round and provides strategic and hands-on operational support, beyond advice. His versatile background spans the digital media, education, enterprise, and mobile sectors.

Eyal is the founder and visionary behind the Worldwide Investor Network (WIN), the most vibrant ecosystem in NY for global entrepreneurs looking to successfully engage with the NYC venture and startup tech community. Launched in 2011 WIN has become a hub for global innovation entering the US market via NYC.

Eyal holds a Masters Degree in International Relations and International Business from New York University, and a Bachelors in Communications from Kean University. He is actively involved in mentoring, researching, writing and speaking about entrepreneurship in the global world, and the use of digital and social media to bridge between businesses, cultures and people.

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Sharon Mirsky

Sharon Mirsky

Sharon represents the cream of the crop of Startup Nation. She brings to Accelerant a combination of tech talent, operational experience and a unique perspective on global innovation at the enterprise level.

A graduate of the prestigious 8200 unit of the Israeli army, Sharon has over 14 years of experience in Israeli tech with a deep focus on cyber security and telecommunications. She was first recruited to Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Acquired by SafeNet for $160M) where she focused on pre-sales, post-sales and technical training. She also spent over 6 years at Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) focusing on sales development and project management in North America.

Sharon joined Worldwide Investor Network (WIN) in 2013 as the VP of Operations and Strategy, making a huge impact on scaling its vibrant community of global entrepreneurs and NY-based investors and partners.

Sharon holds a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from Tel Aviv University and is a recent graduate of the joint Global MBA program at IDC Herzeliya and The Wharton School of Business.

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